Welcome to Mission Praise Online. This site is intended to make life easier for the many churches that want to create their own service sheets or project the songs on a screen for the congregation to sing, and for those that have a choir or worship group who all need copies of the music. Rather than painstakingly copying from the printed books, we’re offering you legal and unlimited access to all our hymns and carols in digital format – perfect when you are putting together services using music from a variety of sources.

Initially used for Billy Graham’s Mission England – where thousands of people first discovered their faith – Mission Praise remains the most well-loved and widely used hymn and song book for congregational use across the world.

Here’s how MissionPraise.com can help you create the service you want:

  • Sheet music files, covering all of the songs apart from those owned by Integrity. These are A4-sized PDFs, so that you can easily print an unlimited selection for your choir or music group. Try it out.
  • Words to hymns and carols as rich text documents to open in your word processor. Use in your service sheets, or copy and paste into your projection software. Try it out.
  • Search for a specific song, composer or writer – or simply enter the first line of the hymn or carol you are looking for. Try it out

Our subscription page enables you to learn more about Mission Praise Online and to purchase your subscription. The new songs in the 30th anniversary edition of Mission Praise are now also available as part of your subscription.

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